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Christmas Post Mortem

Happy New Year! As the dust settles on 2018, I hope you feel the joy and excitement of the fresh New Year in front of you! This is the time of year that everyone thinks about setting goals and planning…

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Know Your Christmas Customer

Know Your Christmas Customer Orla McDonnell 26th November 2018 Your Christmas customer is generally different from your normal day to day customer. Your day-to-day customer is likely to be someone who knows, understands, enjoys, and uses the products you sell.…

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How to define your business culture?

By Orla McDonnell Are you looking to change “how you do things around here” in your business? Your values and beliefs influence the actions that you will choose to take, as a business owner, to achieve your business and personal…

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Finalist in the Louth Business Awards 2018!

Finalist in the Louth Business Awards 2018 Biz Awards Finalist 2018 FINALIST IN THE LOUTH BUSINESS AWARDS 2018 I’m delighted to be a finalist in the ‘Louth Business Awards'. So many great companies also shortlisted. I am looking forward to…

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Vision Board Workshop

Have you got passions and dreams, but not sure how to put them into action? Do you get excited about what you might do in the future, but repeatedly sabotage those ideas? Ever thought of doing a vision board? Can’t…

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