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Tips For Greeting Your Customers Blog.

Tips for Greeting your Customers Blog.

1 minute read. By Orla McDonnell Retail Specialist OMD Consultancy Delivering Rapid Retail Results To greet or not to greet that is the question! Have you ever gone shopping with a specific purpose in mind, entered the store and then…

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What Is Customer Service?

What is Customer Service?

Orla McDonnell 1 minute read. What is customer service? and Why do we buy from one company and not another? Is it Price? Convenience? People? Product? What is your why? Very often people stop shopping with you because of an…

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Christmas Post Mortem

Happy New Year! As the dust settles on 2018, I hope you feel the joy and excitement of the fresh New Year in front of you! This is the time of year that everyone thinks about setting goals and planning…

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